Jazz videos: IPT live at Espacio Ronda

April 2, 2012

I’m very glad to share with you 5 videos that our friends from cultural center Espacio Ronda have published. Thanks to Arnaldo and his team for all their effort! The clips have been recorded during the release concert of our album “Bumpy” with IPT (Igor Prochazka Trio): Christian Perez (double bass), Diego Guti√©rrez (drums) and me (piano).

5 original jazz tunes for you to enjoy!

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Jazzy Forms

December 3, 2011

UPDATE (2012/08/22): go to the offical project page at www.jazzyforms.com

This is a stub post that will serve as a first point of reference for information on an upcoming WordPress plugin called Jazzy Forms.

Jazzy Forms is a totally reworked successor of the popular price-calc plugin. price-calc is about to be discontinued. Jazzy Forms is currently being developed. It will be much easier to set up.

Be the first to be notified when the first release is published by leaving me a message at jazzyforms@gmail.com! Comments and suggestions are welcome, too.

Twitter: @JazzyForms

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theme-configurator: add WordPress theme options pages

November 26, 2011

Hi guys, this is about a little WordPress plugin I’ve recently released.
theme-configurator, the easiest and most elegant way to add customized theme options pages to your WordPress theme–no coding required.

Download and official plugin directory at WordPress: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/theme-configurator

Documentation/Tutorial: http://www.l90r.com/posts/theme-configurator
Development and bug tracking: https://github.com/l90r/theme-configurator

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VenueConnection Fact Sheet

November 24, 2011

There is this funk/soul band I play in that is gaining interest among my friends recently. Since we’ve released a pro video clip the whole thing is gaining traction. Here’s a short summary of links and facts so you don’t have to google around and you don’t end up on a Lady Gaga page or something.

Official band page

This is the place to be. News, concerts, photos, information, CD store etc:
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