September 16, 2010


I’m Igor Prochazka, a Czech-born IT professional and jazz pianist, raised in Germany and now resident in Spain. This is my personal blog. It doesn’t have any specific topic, although it obviously focusses on my personal major fields of interest.  It doesn’t have any special purpose either, except putting down some thoughts and sharing it with friends. I hope you find something interesting!

If you feel like contacting me, my Email address is “my given name dot my surname at gmail dot com”.



  1. December 5, 2012

    Hi Igor,

    I recently stumbled upon Your plugin. First of all – thanks for sharing it, it looks very promising. I’m right now trying to integrate it into a WP Blog but can’t figure out a couple of things. Can You help with the following issues?

    1) Is there a way to mark certain fields as “required” for a successful submission? Right now i can leave everything blank an hit submit – not quite what I want

    2) Is there anything i need to setup with Mail? I didn’t recieve any mails after submittting several times.

    Your Help is appreciated,

    Regards, Marin

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