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November 24, 2011

There is this funk/soul band I play in that is gaining interest among my friends recently. Since we’ve released a pro video clip the whole thing is gaining traction. Here’s a short summary of links and facts so you don’t have to google around and you don’t end up on a Lady Gaga page or something.

Official band page

This is the place to be. News, concerts, photos, information, CD store etc:

Recently released official video


  • Fire it up! (2011, Keepin’ The Groove)
  • Madrid Boogie (2008, Phazz-a-delic)
  • Strawberry Swan Lake (2005, Venueconnection)

Where to listen for free?

  • Bandcamp (free full streaming for everybody)
  • Spotify (desktop app restricted to US and some European countries)
  • Pandora (US only)

Where to buy digital audio?

Where to download digital audio for free?

Only one song: sign up for the mailing list at

Where to buy the physical CD and LP?

The band’s own official store

Official blog feed, including show dates

Band members:

  • Karl Frierson (male voice)
  • Angeles Dorrio (female voice)
  • Javier del Águila (guitar)
  • Fara Álvarez (sitar)
  • Igor Prochazka (keyboards)
  • Bruno Lopes (electric bass guitar)
  • Pepe Acebal (drums)

Usual members of the brass section:

  • Joserra Zamora (Tenor and alt saxophone)
  • Roman Filiu (Tenor saxophone)
  • Jorge Vistel (trumpet)

More stuff:



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