Jazz videos: IPT live at Espacio Ronda

April 2, 2012

I’m very glad to share with you 5 videos that our friends from cultural center Espacio Ronda have published. Thanks to Arnaldo and his team for all their effort! The clips have been recorded during the release concert of our album “Bumpy” with IPT (Igor Prochazka Trio): Christian Perez (double bass), Diego GutiĆ©rrez (drums) and me (piano).

5 original jazz tunes for you to enjoy!

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Two Coltrane-inspired songs by Igor Prochazka Trio

November 9, 2010

Musical inspiration sometimes can come out of anything – images, feelings or simply out of nothing. In this article I’d like to reveal a more down-to-earth approach to composing. I’ll show you two themes that were motivated by the interest for playing around with particular chord progressions and song structures.

Coltrane Changes

Both themes are based on the same chord progression. It is commonly known as Coltrane Changes, because it’s been saxophone genius Mr. John Coltrane who popularized it. It’s based on downwards movement of tonal centers by major thirds.

Example starting with C:

C | Ab | E | C

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