Jazz videos: IPT live at Espacio Ronda

April 2, 2012

I’m very glad to share with you 5 videos that our friends from cultural center Espacio Ronda have published. Thanks to Arnaldo and his team for all their effort! The clips have been recorded during the release concert of our album “Bumpy” with IPT (Igor Prochazka Trio): Christian Perez (double bass), Diego GutiĆ©rrez (drums) and me (piano).

5 original jazz tunes for you to enjoy!

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VenueConnection Fact Sheet

November 24, 2011

There is this funk/soul band I play in that is gaining interest among my friends recently. Since we’ve released a pro video clip the whole thing is gaining traction. Here’s a short summary of links and facts so you don’t have to google around and you don’t end up on a Lady Gaga page or something.

Official band page

This is the place to be. News, concerts, photos, information, CD store etc:
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50 topics for Jazz Interviews

February 12, 2011

Some days ago our band gathered in a small radio station’s studio to promote our latest CD. The show is called “Jazzerrimo“. There has been a great, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with the show’s host Victor Bobeche, a very friendly guy, with a strong dedication to the music he’s featuring. But honestly, I’m glad it’s been only a tiny radio station and their radio waves barely reach areas outside its neighborhood in Madrid. I think we’ve not been able to successfully emphasize interesting and positive aspects of our music. Clearly our fault: we have little experience and practice in this kind of “promotion matters”. I think unfortunately a lot of jazz musicians face the same problem.

Lesson learned! You have to train to be a good interview partner! As a first steps I have analyzed some jazz podcast that I use to follow. I’ve put down some typical conversations topics – in a completely non-scientific and non-systematic matter, of course. Anyway, none of these should surprise you or make you stutter:

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Circles in Popular Music

November 11, 2010

As part of classical music education you learned the Circle of Fifths and you know it inside and out. But after years of practicing you realize that particulary in independent popular music there are even more interesting cyclic structures.

The Circle of Indie Gigs

No-one knows you -> Booking agencies refuse unknown artists -> No-one books you -> No gigs -> …

The Circle of Indie Gigs

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